Below you will find my teaching experience as well as my past services to the community with respect to improving higher education. Students who are looking for advice on how to write philosophy essays would do well to read these excellent instructions.

Teaching Experience

As a lecturer:

  • Master seminar “Mental representation and situated cognition” (2020, Ruhr-University Bochum). To be co-lectured with Markus Werning in Autumn semester.
  • Master seminar “Memory and Imagination” (2020, RUB) Co-lectured with Markus Werning and entirely through eLearning (using Zoom and Moodle) because of COVID-19 pandemic.

As a tutor / graduate teaching assistant:

Service to the community

In tertiary education in the Netherlands, students are actively involved in shaping curricula and safeguarding their quality. Unlike most anglophone universities, universities in the Netherlands have a democratic structure where students have a right to vote on, for example, the yearly university budget — and may prevent changes in it. Though the power of democratic committees at universities was larger prior to 1997, such committees still form an integral part of university structure and, in my estimation, are part of the reason why Dutch universities offer on average world-class quality education. During my undergraduate studies I participated in the following committees:

  • Education committee for Philosophy (Opleidingscommissie Wijsbegeerte) at Radboud University, Nijmegen, the Netherlands
  • Faculty Student Council for Philosophy (Facultaire Studentenraad Filosofie) at RU
  • University Student Council (Universitaire Studentenraad) at RU

I was furthermore a student member (student-assessor) of the board of the Faculty of Philosophy at Radboud University and co-authored a book on students’ rights on assignment for the Dutch Student Union (LSVb).

In addition, I was a member for two educational accreditation panels. I worked as a student member for the NQA (Netherlands Quality Agency) and participated in the accreditation of several higher education programmes in accordance with Dutch higher education standards: