As a philosopher specialising in embodied cognition and artificial intelligence, I am interested in the human mind and in particular its relation to technology. Currently, I am working on a large interdisciplinary project on episodic memory at the Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany. Previously, I pursued my doctoral degree (PhD) at the University of Wollongong, with Patrick McGivern and Robert A. Wilson (UWA), where I also taught in philosophy and computing science. As part of my doctoral studies, I was a visiting postgraduate researcher at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, where I worked with Andy Clark and others. Prior to my doctoral project, I studied Philosophy (MA, BA) and Artificial Intelligence (BSc) at Radboud University, the Netherlands.

In my doctoral project, entitled “Thinking with things,” I developed an embodied, enactive account of mind–technology interaction that takes the reciprocal influence of artefacts on minds seriously. To do so, I draw on phenomenology, virtue ethics, and research on virtual reality and robotics. The account I put forward engages with and provides an alternative for extended functionalist theories of mind and technology, which currently dominate philosophy of mind and cognition. A short video on part of my research can be viewed on the present page.

My research interests are bound together with the thread of the embodied, enactive research programme and include: agency and consciousness, mind–technology interaction, embodied remembering, and the psychology of virtue ethics.